Artist Rentals

Requirements for artists & students are simple. Any artist that can sufficiently show the necessary skills to make their work shall be permitted to rent time based on the approval of the Creative Director or a qualified staff member. In addition, any student that has completed 2-3 classes at the center should be ready for rental time.

Rentals include:

  • 10 lbs/hr of clear glass.
  • Basic bench tools including jacks, tweezers, straight and diamond shears
  • Shop pipes and punties
  • Kevlar gloves and safety mask; compressed Air
  • 1 Overnight annealing cycle. Longer cycles can be arranged with the director for an additional fee
Artists and students are encouraged to call Rick Eggert at 561.508.7315 about renting the equipment and studio space at Benzaiten. Download additional information about costs here.

Artist Rental Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 11 AM - 3 PM