Read what our visitors have to say.

I handed out and explained Benzaiten to about eight patients yesterday and thus ran out of your informative pamphlets. I should have taken more.

Next time you come in, or if you want to send them, send more so I can tell more people about your fine project and the fun and education they can have visiting it.Dr. Lewis Kaminester
Thank you all, You, Rick and Dave! Our visit to the Center was fabulous. Many of the women had been to Murano, and to other artists workrooms, like Chihuly's. All agreed this was the best demonstation they had ever seen. Rick and Dave did a fabulous job. Wow! Everyone was blown away. The Gallery looked wonderful and many of the women talked about returning with their husbands.

Anita, you did a wonderful job, including, being the hostess, speaker, and retailer.

Rick and Dave were fabulous. Their demonstration was amazing!!!!

I know the woman really were reluctant to leave, they could have spent more time with them. Susan Karas
This is a hidden artistic gem that I discovered in Lake Worth where I was able to actively participate in the art of glass blowing and sculpting and I was completely blown away (no pun intended). Benzaiten is the Japanese Goddess who represents all things flowing i.e., love, knowledge, music, the river and in our case hot molten glass and bronze.

I have been fascinated with the artistry of glassworks my whole life and always stop and watch a glass artist work when I have the rare chance to see them (such as in Italy) and never thought that I would be able to participate in a working glass studio in Palm Beach, but I am now glad to report that this gallery, studio, and workshop is available for the public.

Overall, this was an fascinating and wonderful experience for me and I highly recommend the experience for anyone that is remotely interest in glassworks. If you just want to visit the gallery (lots of items are for sale) and watch a artist work, you can do that anytime and you should probably call before dropping by. Dr. William Sherer
Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class. It was a lot of fun, and tickled that I got to do a lot of "hands on" with my project. I did a vase and I was VERY happy how it turned out. I'm telling all my friends about your center.....you will see me as a repeat customer. Alison Schwenger
Thank you Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts for the wonderful glass blowing class. My daughter loved it and learned so much about the art of glass blowing. The instructors were very knowledgeable and worked well with the kids! The finished project is beautiful and she has gotten many complements. My daughter hasn't stopped talking about how much fun she had at your facility and will definitely be taking more classes in the future. Kristin M.
The Benzaiten experience was awesome. The people there were very nice and I got to learn the science behind making glass. I have so many ideas for my next project and I cannot wait for my next visit. Sophia O
Our group field trip to Benzaiten art glass was so much more than I ever expected it to be. The glass artist helping the kids were wonderful, patient and very informative. Given the opportunity I would never pass up a chance to go back and make beautiful works of art glass! Cindy O
I had a great experience seeing how glass is made. Sophia U
I had a fun time. I really enjoyed making the paperweight. CJ U
This is a fascinating place with an amazing staff. The kids enjoyed learning about glass and making their own glass art. Elsa U
It was interesting, fun, & cool!! Jermane T
It was mindblowing!! Jalil T
I like that I was able to choose the colors I wanted and having a pretty piece of art that I made myself. Emily B.
I had a fantastic time at Benzaiten. I can't wait to go back! Katie B
I liked going to the Benzaiten Art Center. I made a beautiful glass paperweight. I loved it and I hope to come back soon. Nikki M.
Benzaiten is the coolest place! You get to play with melted glass and make beautiful works of art! Kora S
I enjoyed seeing all of the equipment that is used to create the glass and then physically getting to do it myself. Mackenzie D.
I had a blast at Benzaiten creating my own piece of glass art. Ezekiel M.